102 Bishop Ave. Coldwater, MI 49036

(517) 279.7912

Bob Ward


Pastor Bob joined the staff at FBC in 2012 as our Associate Pastor and wears a number of hats in that role.  Bob coordinates and leads our Wednesday Night Family Ministry, teaches an Adult Sunday School Class, leads a Life Group and serves as a staff liaison to our HIS Sport for Tots Children’s Ministry, including a pre-school and child care program.  He also maintains an active visitation ministry to our Senior Saints and is on a first-name basis with most of the staff at our local senior care facilities.

Bob was born and raised in Bronson, and a graduate of Bronson High School, where he participated in sports as a Bronson Viking.  He has a special love for basketball and was a boys high school coach while living in Alaska.  In Alaska, an “away game” means a plane flight!  Really!

After high school, Bob joined the United States Air Force and met his wife, Trish.  He enjoys telling the story of his job as administrator and hers as an aircraft mechanic.  They met at Scott Air Force Base in Illinois, and later transferred to Eilson Air Force Base just outside of Moose Creek, Alaska where they lived for over 24 years.

After retiring from the USAF, Bob joined the staff as an associate pastor of the Moose Creek Baptist Church and lived in North Pole, Alaska, filling a variety of roles and duties.  Bob actually knows Santa Claus, a resident there who had his name legally changed!

Bob and Trish raised 4 children over the years and have 2 grandchildren.  Sensing it was time to leave and return home, they relocated to the Bronson area and began attending FBC.  Recognizing Bob’s gifts for ministry and our need for a pastoral team member, Bob joined our staff.

Bob is a die-hard U of M fan and is the proud owner of a “M” football helmet, which is proudly displayed in his office.  He warmly accepts barbs, harassment, and comments from Spartan fans, and he humbly acknowledges it when his team suffers a loss, which, as he points out, is not that often.

He is a good and patient listener and is good at giving insight and suggestions to those who share a struggle or concern.

Bob can be contacted by email at [email protected] or at the office, 517-279-7912.